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Is 400mg of dph good for my first time? I weigh 135 pounds.
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2022.01.26 04:18 UnlockAllChair Brick Halls - Section 1 - Stressful Introduction

Hello all. I've felt inspired reading the stories on this forum for a while, and I've decided that I should try to contribute something of my own, rather than sitting back and smelling the roses. I'm not exactly too familiar with the website overall, and have never made a posting previous to this point, so there may or may not be formatting errors or general issues. I may not be the best writer, but I hope I can at least get the story I want to tell started. I plan to make this a series, but for where it ends I do not yet know.
In general, the story is sort of a “reverse isekai”, with a few changes to the genre that fit the story I want to tell better. I feel it's a subsection of the overall genre that I rarely see touched on, and I’ve got the inspiration to make a story based around that concept based on something that I’ve had rattling around my mind for the last year and a half. Though it isn’t really the Sci-Fi stories that are most popular here, I still feel like the core themes fit well enough into what HFY is about. Enjoy it or not, here is my attempt.
If asphyxiation by water is not something you enjoy, please skip the eighth (8th) paragraph. Please let me know if something like that warrants the post having an NSFW cover on it.
~~~ Section 1 - Stressful Introduction ~~~
As he felt his body lock up with shock, Croga fell backwards against the wall that stood behind him, his fall cushioned by a pile of black sacks that lay unattended next to the large green container. As he did, the sudden pressure loosened a knot on one of the sacks crushed under the pile, allowing the refuse inside to leak out. The foul liquids and spoiled foods now leaked onto the scales of his legs and tail, adding on to the grime already covered him and his clothes. He felt his heart pounding violently in his chest, and an adrenaline high quickly wearing off. The two things he could see in his narrow tunneled field of view was the creature that attempted to kill him moments ago, and his own hands trembling as they desperately attempted to keep the thing that had so easily crippled it pointed at the creature.
The creature screamed in a language unknown to Croga, its tone that was once of hostility, now entirely replaced entirely by anger and pain. The creature hobbled itself upwards while it continued to scream at Croga; the pain that had made it fall due to the thing piercing through its left leg had now apparently been stricken from its mind. Before it could make any significant ground, Croga quickly pointed the thing towards the head of the assaulting creature, and squeezed the lever on it once again. The front of it flashed brightly, and the accompanying blast of noise left his ears ringing.
The creature fell forward, and the momentum it had gained caused it to slide within inches of where he was laying. The wound on the opposite side of the head told Croga all he needed to know. He released the tension in his arms, and allowed them to simply fall down to his sides. The ringing in his ears had since stopped, the only things he could hear now being the low buzz from the odd light above him, and the tinnitus that forever plagued him. He took a deep breath to try and calm himself a bit, but the heavy stench of smoke and waste didn’t help his cause. His first proper rest in somewhere with light for a few sleep cycles, he made himself as comfortable as he could on a pile of sacks filled with trash, and began to mentally unpack what led him to this point.
It was about three sleep cycles ago that Croga volunteered to explore one of the newly opened cave systems on the far side of his colonies’ mine. These places would be found as the mines ever expanded, and scouting out the systems for much needed resources was an important job that needed to be done, despite the numerous dangers that the speleological expeditions brought with them. Though, in the eyes of Croga, the benefits that he could gain from participating outweighed any of the dangers that could be in store. First pick of work tools on the job, double ration for you and your mate (if applicable), and break time equal to the amount of sleep cycles past since the start of the expedition? Croga wondered why so few people signed up for them.
It was about a sleep cycle and a half before everyone who signed up for the expedition met up at the designated spot just outside the new cave system. There were just under half a dozen of us in total, Croga included. Before they all headed into the system, the volunteers were given appropriate clothing and protective gear for the expedition, along with the supplies needed to navigate different types of obstacles, food and water, and a long rundown on what they should all keep an eye out for, and how to spot them in the dim caves. Croga dressed himself along with the others in the provided clothes, and helped to divide the gear and rations evenly among everyone. Afterwards, the expedition began.
For the first two sleep cycles of the expedition, there wasn’t anything of particular note to mention. A few sections of cave wall showed potential for iron deposits, but other ores evaded the group. It was about a quarter into the third cycle that something more interesting started to show up. Unnaturally smooth circular holes were bored into the sides of the tunnels, the other ends obscured by a seemingly unending tube of darkness that waited ahead. The first was brushed off as something to revisit when they made their return trip, but as the members of the expedition encountered more and more of them, it was soon enough decided to investigate what may lay at the other end of the borehole. Croga volunteered to enter first, and removed the unnecessary gear that he was wearing to reduce his overall frame. The borehole wasn’t exactly a tight fit, as there was enough space to let him crawl through comfortably without his horns scraping the top of the hole, and just about enough space to turn himself around.
As Croga crawled forward, the sounds of chatter that originated from the rest of the expedition slowly faded, replaced by the rustlings of his clothing against the smooth yet chalky stone that lined the walls of the borehole. For a bit of time, he enjoyed the lack of constant chatter that the others had been producing almost non stop the entire expedition. Soon enough however, he decided that the utter lack of any significant sights in the hole was reason enough to return to that chatter and give his findings. Croga turned himself around with a bit of effort, only to take notice of a small trickle of water that ran in the direction he had been crawling. It was a bit odd, as he didn’t see or hear any signs of a water reservoir running adjacent or above the bore, and chose to try and hasten his way back, hoping to get past wherever the leak was coming from sooner than later.
As the flow of water slowly increased, so did the effort that Croga put into crawling faster, and the anxiety that the possibilities the situation could bring. Soon enough, the slow trickle turned into a small stream under him, and the flow of water replaced the sound of cloth on stone. When he heard the sudden sound of fast flowing water in the darkness ahead of him, Croga turned tail and moved himself as fast as he could back towards the unknown ahead. After all, he wasn’t about to bet his chances on heading in the direction where the flooding was coming from. As he scurried forward, the pace of the water picked up, now soaking the limbs he used to push himself forward. He felt a rush of adrenaline as the water started to raise faster. When the water had just started to slosh against his waist, he barely noticed how the borehole was different from how he had first seen it. They started somewhat spread, but soon enough all sides of the hole were covered in brick. Croga may have thought about the change of scenery more, but the pressing threat of drowning far outweighed any other concerns. The water remained unrelenting, and as Croga took a deep breath, the water pushed over his head. He had since lost his mobility, and was simply pushed ahead by the pressure of the water. Seeing how he didn’t really have a choice in this matter, Croga closed his eyes and decided to let the flow bring him wherever he was going next.
When he came to, Croga immediately began to cough up the water that had snuck its way into his lungs. Finishing his fit of coughs, he laid face down as he caught his breath. He felt a flow of water hitting his back, and suspected he was pushed to the other end of the borehole. How he had managed to survive was something that perplexed him. But he was glad that he did.
After some time passed, he finally had the wind back in his lungs, and the strength to get himself up. Looking around to get a bearing of his location, he immediately noticed both the size of the tunnel he currently was in, and the tremendous amount of bricks that covered every surface. Above him, he saw the exit from the borehole he had just been in. Even if it wasn’t still flowing, it was too high up for him to actually jump up to. Stepping out of the way of the flow of water, Croga saw that it flowed into a ridge in the middle floor, acting as a still pool of water. Seeing no other path to follow, and no immediate way back, He began to walk along the left wall of where he woke up, and hoped for the best.
As he trekked along, the tunnels formed into junctions, some with dead ends, and some that lead to even more junctions. Croga took care to take note of his senses as he walked through the tunnels. He could both see and hear the water flow from small holes in the wall into the stagnated water in the middle of the tunnels. He could feel that the air was very damp, and the strong smell of fertilizer told him he shouldn’t be using his sense of taste.
Just as Croga was feeling that he was going to pass out from exhaustion, he found a delightful sight on one of the walls. A ladder was bolted to the wall, and it led upwards towards what appeared to be some sort of hatch. A few holes in the hatch above had light shining through, suggesting that maybe somebody was up there, or at least nearby. Ascending the ladder, Croga took some note of the odd spacing between the rungs of the ladder, being much wider than usual construction. Reaching the top, he pushed the hatch out of the way, and crawled up onto the floor above.
As Croga got to his feet, he was greeted by a few things. First, the bright light that hung from a metallic bar above him, along with the buzzing noise it made. Second, He glanced around the area. It appeared that he was located in the space between two large buildings. The sides of the buildings appeared to have some sort of art drawn onto them in bright fluorescent colors. The side of one building had a pair of large green containers, one open and overflowing with foul smelling black sacks, with a few of them in a pile next to the container. Third, before he could properly observe anything else, Croga thought he heard someone yell something at him.
Turning around to see who was yelling, he felt somewhat surprised and horrified to see some sort of creature standing just a few yards away. The creature easily dwarfed Croga, standing maybe three fourths of a yard higher than he did. It had features like him such as similar limbs, but it lacked a tail, horns, and scaling of the skin. It lacked a maw like he did, and had fibrous strands growing from both the top of its head and the areas around its mouth. Most importantly though was that it was dressed, suggesting that whatever the creature was, it likely had some level of intellect. However, based on the aggressive stance it made while it looked at him, along with the yelling, Croga felt it wasn’t exactly preparing for diplomacy.
As Croga weighed his options for what actions he could take to get out of this potential fight, the creature continued to yell at him. He could tell that it was yelling some sort of message to him, but wasn’t able to understand what it was yelling. Deciding that trying to take the creature head on was not going to be a good idea when he only had his fists to fight it with, Croga chose to start running in the opposite direction from the creature. He didn’t figure that he would get too far away, but it would give him at least enough time to scout out some sort of object he could use to defend himself with if it followed.
Initially, it seemed that the creature wasn’t going to follow him. However, as he was running, he heard a sort of mechanical click from behind him, followed by a loud boom and the ground in front of him kicking up some pieces of stone as an object whizzed by the left side of his head. Croga threw himself behind one of the large green containers as he heard another click. The creature yelled out, and he could hear it walking closer to where he was taking cover. Croga wasn’t sure exactly what it was attacking with, but he knew that if it could both explode in some way, and pierce through stone like it did, then it was better to be out of the way.
As its footsteps grew closer to his location, Croga ripped open one of the black sacks to desperately search for anything it could use to attack with. Unfortunately, the only things he found were soggy scraps of some sort of meal. Hearing the creature about to round the corner, Croga grabbed a handful of the scraps, and slung it as soon as he saw the creature. The scraps slapped into the face of the creature as it rounded around the container, momentarily stunning it. The creature frantically pointed an object in its hands towards where it thought it saw Croga, and blew a hole into one of the black sacks instead. Sensing a chance, Croga quickly slapped the thing out of its hands onto the ground below, and picked it up for himself. Only knowing generally what it did, he frantically tried to figure out how to operate the thing. Suddenly, it went off, and the creature before him collapsed to the ground as its leg became wounded. ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
Croga snapped back to reality, and found himself still laying on a pile of sacks with waste. He still found that his clothes were caked with grime and waste, and his scales were no better. He still found that he had that thing clenched in his left hand. And he still found that he was laying in front of some deceased creature. Croga mustered his energy, and pulled himself off of his bed of food scraps. As he did, he noted how the light above him had since stopped buzzing. Looking up at it, he also saw that it was no longer shining, despite everything being properly lit up. It was then that Croga realized he couldn’t see the roof of the cave. He looked at where the light came from now, and saw something far away that hadn’t been there before. He tried to look, but found himself blinded and unable to properly discern what it was besides being somewhat circular, and in the distance. It didn’t help that another building a fair distance away partially covered it.
Croga looked down the hatch that he had just come from. He could head back down, but he would have no idea where he would be headed. The way back could have been somewhere down there, but there was a growing feeling of curiosity about where he was. Maybe he could just come back later and return home with an interesting tale. Maybe he wouldn’t. For now, he closed the hatch, and walked towards the end of the alley where he could see the light from. As he did, he heard an odd wailing sound getting closer from behind him, and hastened his speed. As much as it piqued his curiosity where the wailing came from, he figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to find what was making the noise.
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Is it better to just get another 16GB kit (2x8) or get a 32Gb kit (2x16)?
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2022.01.26 04:18 angelxgukk Should I drop Yuwu?

I was reading Yuwu and the translation has stopped, so I’ll probably hanging in between if I plan to read the whole thing…
Should I just drop it? TT TT
Is there any full TLs still up?
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2022.01.26 04:18 -righteous Opinions on American U - MPP program

Hi Everyone
Could any of you guys who go to AU MPP or AU Alumni or just know the reputation about the program share me some insights (pros and cons)?
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I need some advice, thank you so much :)
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2022.01.26 04:18 TechnologicApe Realistic Train Fueling?

Is there a mod that allows a train to refuel from one of it's cargo wagons or the cargo wagon directly behind the locomotive(s)?
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2022.01.26 04:18 Green-Confusion3467 ‏دنیا میں ایسے مرد بھی ہیں جو عورت کو دیکھ کر نگاہ جھکا لیتے ہیں

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