I want to learn resin pouring. What’s your favorite tutorial on this?

2021.11.30 02:56 txageod I want to learn resin pouring. What’s your favorite tutorial on this?

Black Forest Wood Co is incredible, their videos show amazing craftsmanship, but I can’t afford to buy what I want from them (shipping to US is nuts), so I want to learn to make my own desk top.
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2021.11.30 02:56 CalebKetterer You all ever piss in the shower after you finish just to spite the next person?

I live alone btw
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2021.11.30 02:56 blueandwhitetoile Reputable sources that actually say it’s okay to eat less than healthy while pregnant?

It is repeated constantly on this sub that the embryo/fetus is extremely skilled at taking whatever nutrients it needs from mom, regardless of how healthy mom eats. This was music to my ears when I was pregnant in August because I was MISERABLY nauseous and could not stomach anything besides yogurt and macaroni and cheese. I honestly just ate what I could muscle down, and took comfort that my baby would be okay in spite of it. (I ended up miscarrying, but that’s another story.)
Do any studies or academic sources actually support this claim? My husband says an Internet search reveals the opposite, and from what I saw he’s kinda right. Which led to a bit of a meltdown on my part. I’m pregnant again, anticipating the nausea, and terrified that eating healthy enough is going to become a big tension between my husband and me. He is NOT a pushy or controlling person, literally just concerned for me and our baby. But it would help tremendously to have a source besides “the gang on reddit said so” haha. And of course when I begin seeing my provider, I’ll ask them. But that’s several weeks away.
Show me what ya got.
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2021.11.30 02:56 BalamAwanima SF - Fuzzybug - By Juan Ramirez (first post, pls be gentle.)

Fuzzy Bug
By Juan Ramirez
A bloodied and battered man wearing a well pressed black suit performs a W-Sit on the pristine and luxurious white carpet that lines the floor underneath him.
“You don’t have to do this Joshua, please… let me help you. Things don’t have to end this way... you don’t have to...”
Around the corner in a small bathroom, running water is interrupted by a stalwart voice that carries itself.
“Why is that Michael? Hmm? Why do you think things need to be any way... other than the way I want them to be? Have you forgotten that I am the richest and most powerful man on the face of the planet?”
Joshua steps through the doorway, dressed in a cream coloured suit with a cerulean coloured undershirt, around his neck hangs a gold chain with a pendant that sits just low enough to disappear beneath his neckline. A statuesque man with a hulking physique, he commands attention with his mere presence. The act of being in the same room as Joshua isn’t just intimidating, it feels like being in the presence of a mythical figure. Joshua takes one step towards Michael and turns his head looking down on him. Michael’s suit jacket has been torn across the stitching of each shoulder and his white undershirt is antagonized with the splatter of blood,evidence of a fight that he had recently lost. Joshua rubs his hands where several cuts and bruises have been etched into his skin, Fresh blood having been rinsed off inside the bathroom sink, evidence of a fight he had recently won.
“Joshua if you use "The Cube" for what you're going to.. You're going to destroy the minds of billions.... we worked together to create this dream for you, it all started with the Neurolink, remember that Joshua?”
“Yes Michael I remember. I remember how hard you worked to help me with research... all the funding I personally provided for you michael. The funding I provided to create and sustain Kane enterprises! However you are the one to forget! You have forgotten the founding research created by Doctor Muller. You forget that all of this was my vision and that although our empire is the result of your commitment and genius, you have forgotten that I founded this company on Doctor Muller's legacy and that Neurolink was my creation, derived from the body of Muller’s work. Do not ever forget that it was me that created the first idea that skyrocketed us into the heavens! Don’t you ever take dream of taking the credit for that”
Michael looks up at Joshua with languishing eyes, his left eye barely peeking open.
“If you're truly committed to owning the world this way then please consider leaving the children out of it, you can change the parameters on “The Cube” and..”
Joshua brings the back of his hand across Michael’s face with a jarring slap. Michaels upper body rocks to his side and is barely held upright by one of his arms. A small torrent of blood begins to pour down Michael’s face and the blood that once localized itself to his shirt has now cascaded and fallen onto the white carpet. Joshua looks at the new stains and frowns.
“Looks like you have made a mess on the carpet! Bad Boy!”
Joshua lifts his leg and cocks it back like a cross bow. The bottom of his brown leather sole is about to be entombed into Michael’s chest like a headstone plunging downward into a fresh grave. Michael in a feeble attempt to prevent damage, leans back and crosses his arms in front of him, just in time to absorb the impact of the strike. Michael’s body then flies across the room and smacks against a small glass table. The tremendous velocity pivoting his body along the point of impact and flipping upward. Now finding himself on-top of the table, and also being the unfortunate subject of gravity, Michael’s body is pulled through the glass by his invisible captor. What came next was nothing short of a tumultuous surge of broken fragments. Michael, thoroughly disorientated and equally shocked, was now looking upward in equal parts confusion and disbelief.
“I think you broke my arm..... you bastard!?, we were friends and I trusted you. I just want you to stop and consider what you're doing and you beat me down, you smash my face, you shatter my bones. Joshua I don’t know what’s happened to you, you used to be a brilliant man and now you're just an animal......”
Joshua leans over Michael and stares down into his face. Blood runs out of the corners of Michael’s mouth as he breathes laboriously. Joshua reaches down and grabs Michael by the top of his head, his hand is so large that he is able to palm the top of Michael’s skull. Squeezing firmly and lifting upward, Joshua picks Michael up and throws him across the floor towards a giant window with an almost supernatural view. Michael’s body goes limp and agrees to take it. A man becomes another man's plaything as he rolls across the floor.
The view was brilliant and dazzling, so inconceivably removed from reality that you could not detect the presence of a civilization beneath you, as effortless as it was enduring, both calm and powerful, serene and somehow resplendent, it was also ominous and terrifying. Looking upon it from the outside, the building containing the view was immoderately large. Dark and metallic, like an ancient claw, that may have once belonged to a forgotten monstrosity, now abandoned and submerged into the exposed face of the earth. Stretching further upward, above the long elongated metallic structure, squats a large floating cube, also dark and metallic, the tower weeping downward from its base, like a monolithic monument, a lonely icicle married to a frozen moment, crystallized in perpetuity.
Michael’s body becomes engulfed with sharp debilitating pain, his breathing has been affected from being slammed against the table and he was sure that after being thrown this time, he had broken a majority of his ribs. Unable to stand up, Michael struggles to lift his body upright and using the majority of his remaining strength, assumes an unstable seating position a few feet from the enormous window. Joshua, walking up behind him, stands to his side as the two of them take a moment to stare at the clouds.
Michael sucks in a tedious lungful of air and softly begins…
“Joshua.... When I first heard about you, I was astonished by your ability to passionately combine science with destiny. Neurolink was a brilliant way to interface with the brain of any living organism and it was you who hired me to develop the framework that would allow us to create groundbreaking advancements within the field of memory upload and restoration. When we first started, Neurolink had a success rate of less than 1% between human subjects. Doctor Muller's initial work focused on the pioneering of this field but his initial application was farming and agriculture, when he died and you assumed control of his work, you decided that interfacing with the mind of anything else was pointless. With my help, we developed the Bio-Port technology that would reduce the risk and hazard associated with the traditional setup we needed to perform the Neurolink. With your vision you helped bring instant education and skill learning to a whole generation of people. Sure it wasn’t cheap, but why should it be when you made learning a language as easy as going to see the dentist. It wasn’t long after the success of the Bio-Ports that we decided to create “The Cube''. You decided that if we were all to be connected and have access to infinite information, why not have it anywhere? I mean sure we already had the internet, but this was different, this wasn’t just being able to read or hear another person's ideas. No Joshua, what we created was different. For the first time you could feel a person's emotions and live the gained experience of any uploaded user in the entire world. We could even theoretically use it to control people, think about it. We could control our enemies and our allies, by using the Neurolink to influence the thoughts and ideas of their closest confidants. At full power with our latest advancements, “The Cube” could even influence our perception of reality and induce sensations and pain. We could torture and heal anybody with a Bio-Port, at anytime, anywhere in the world, with one technology Joshua, we became both God and the Devil...”
Michael closes his eyes and tries to think of better times, his retrospection interrupted by Joshua’s words.
“Michael, what exactly are you getting at? Nothing is going to change now. I caught you using the original setup. The one I have in my own personal office and I had to rip you from my memories before you violated them. In your travels to my thoughts Michael, what did you find?”
Michael chokes up as he begins to speak but manages to force words through tears of outrage woven with sorrow.
“I found two folders with memories and I was only able to access the one titled Joshua Kane. The older folder was Encrypted and it was damaged, making the files inaccessible. To be honest I didn’t dig around long enough to find much but I’m curious why you're the only user in the entire world registered to “The Cube” with two distinct files.”
Joshua smiles precariously, pursing his lips before furrowing his brow, he takes a long deep breath and looks over at a slumped and defeated Michael.
“Michael, I want you to know that I’m sorry for using you, and although I take no pleasure in killing you today, I will unfortunately enjoy every gruesome minute of what's about to come”
Michael, feeling a sense of dread wash over him begins to tremble and sweat. As he begins to cry he glares at Joshua and begins shouting.
“You absolute piece of garbage, you fucking trash human being. Everything the media says about you is true. You're a thief, a fraud, you never developed Neurolink, you just paid others to finish the work for you. You don’t care about anybody or anything, and you never have, that’s the only way you got this ivory tower Joshua! You have everything in the world except it’s respect! You can buy and purchase everything except a backbone... Your pathetic Joshua, you pretty much own the world and you're still not satisfied... you aim to use “The Cube” to control the minds of billions but you can’t even control yourself... that was the last memory you had banked to the cube, and you found me and now you're gonna kill me, your head researcher and best friend, you sad sorry sack of dog shit...”
Joshua turns around, now facing away from Michael and the window. He walks to his desk, pulls out the soft leather chair and sits down. On his desk is a monitor and an interactive tabletop with his agenda amongst several other applications on display. Atop this tabletop is a photograph of Doctor Muller, his wife and their beloved family dog. Beside the photograph sits a small red ceramic bowl with the initials “FB” engraved on a small plaque, a memento mori of Joshua's favourite childhood dog.
“Have I ever told you the story of that red dish and my favourite dog?”
Joshua pulls out a small white module and pushes a button. a narrow polished metal spike that tapers to a needle point pops out like a switchblade. reaching behind himself, lining up the spike with his Bio-Port. He slowly begins to insert the probe into the soft, tender base of his brain and lets out a small audible grimace.
“Joshua, what are you doing? That’s the Live-Link! You know what that can do if you connect it to “The Cube”. We have just finished developing the two first prototypes and you're not supposed to do a dry run! Joshua, you can kill yourself? what exactly are you up to!”
Joshua interjects and speaks again
“This little bastard was the toughest dog I had ever met. There wasn’t anything that stopped this little guy. His original owner was a shut-in and to make it worse, she was a gross disabled curmudgeon of a woman who reeked of cigarettes and regret. Constantly, she would yell and throw things at the little dog and so naturally, he would run away from her and hide. Not long after she would call him back out with this false soft voice and when he came back over to her... Bam!”
Joshua slams his gargantuan fist on the table top, smashing it into junk and rendering it inoperable, he reaches down into the drawer and places something in his pocket before turning 180 degrees in his seat. pressing his fingers together in a triangle, he stares through them at Michael, the Live-Link emitting a ghoulish blue light, now fully operational and embedded in Joshua’s skull

“That’s when she would strike. Can you believe that? When this tiny dog had the courage to forget her abuse, because he was loyal, that’s what she did to repay him. Luckily for him it wasn’t long until she fell asleep holding a cigarette that engulfed her in flames and the old woman, along with her house and memories had burned to death. The tiny dog almost suffocated but firefighters were able to pull him from the burning remains. Now the tiny dog had a new life in front of him but do you think that’s what happened?... Nope. That’s not what happened. The firefighters too busy fighting the fire had forgotten all about the little dog and when everything was said and done, not one of them made an effort or stayed behind to help him. What happened is that he got left for dead in the street and forgotten about, destined to die in an alleyway, discarded alongside the other trash just like him. He didn’t die though. Instead he was found by a tiny monster of a man who decided that he would take the dog and keep him; not as a pet but as something else entirely. The man kept him for food but not in the way you would think. Oh no this man had developed a tooth for this type of thing and he kept the dog as a stud. To be caged and bred, a captive in a sick abattoir where his purpose was to create puppies that would be slaughtered , then prepared and then eaten right in front of him. The reason the man even kept him alive was because he claimed the dog had “one of a kind genetics”. It would turn out there was some truth to that when a new man, an old wealthy man came and did some tests on the little dog. Before long he had given the tiny evil man a sum of money and now the little dog was his. The poor dog now broken and devoid of life looked at the old wealthy man and wondered. Will I finally have a decent life where I am treated as a being and not an animal? The answer to that question was sadly no.... the wealthy man purchased the dog because of his specific genetic profile and the dog became the subject of his many terrible experiments. Cutting into the dog and playing with its brain while it was alive was a very real and relatively easy process for the old man... he even seemed to enjoy it at times and...” 
“That’s ENOUGH” Michael shouted, “you are about to destroy the conscious minds of over half the world by controlling them and violating their free will. It would appear you intend to do so in real time through the capabilities of the experimental and dangerous Live-Link. Billions of innocent people are going to be puppeteered for your further gain and you can’t even guarantee that the process won’t turn their brains to mush. That's not even what troubles me the most... what is making me sick to my stomach right now is that in this moment, everything we know about life changes for humanity and you choose to talk to me about a stupid fucking dog who has been dead for years that nobody thats still alive even cares about...”
Joshua breathes in deep and releases only one word
“I’m sorry?! Did you just say Fuzzybug?” Michael’s face becomes puzzled. “I’m sorry Joshua, I don’t understand?”
“The Stupid Fucking Dog”
“What about it? What's the stupid fucking dog got anything to do with this?”
“Fuzzybug, his name was Fuzzybug.”
Joshua takes off his jacket and his small golden pendant tumbles from under his shirt, revealing itself as a small octagonal medallion. Undoing the buttons of his dress shirt, Joshua rolls his sleeves to his elbows and looks at Michael with his red unhinged eyes
“It’s true that you discovered my final memory of wanting to use the cube and Neurolink to influence the majority of the planet, but your flaw was in trying to find a sensible motive for my actions, while you discovered I intended to control the mind of every person with a bio-link, what you failed to discover is exactly what I intend to do when I’m in control.”
Joshua takes the small red ceramic bowl and smashes it against Michael’s head leaving him dazed. Michael, having been struck for the moment, loses himself in a miasma of space and time. A moment passes before he comes back to his senses and is struck yet again. This time he is hit with the corner of the small wooden frame that holds the photograph of Doctor Muller, his wife and the tiny dog. a warm stream of blood begins to leak from in between his eyes where the sharp and brutal angle of the frame manages to tear a chunk from his brow.
“You see Michael, I’m not going to use the Live-Link to control the minds of everyone, in fact my intention is to use the live link to directly connect myself to 50% of the populace, so that half of the world can become my unholy avatars”
Joshua pulls out the second Live-Link from his pocket, brandishing the spike like a shiv.
“Then I am going to use this live link to connect you to the remaining 50% of the populace…
Joshua lets out a deep sinister laugh
“You and I both know the new live link isn’t just capable of transferring thoughts instantly through “The Cube”. It also gives us the ability to remotely control a person’s thoughts and actions. We designed it for brilliant surgeons and technicians who simply could not be physically present, but needed a way to interface with another human body across the world...That’s why the 50% of the population that is connected to you is going to lay there.... Beaten into submission, lying still and defeated, while the other 50% Of the population will do as I do and begin the final ritual”
Joshua pounces off of the chair and onto Michael, frantically tearing open what remains of Michael’s shirt and jacket, exposing Michael’s soft fleshy abdomen.
“Joshua! What the fuck”
Michael attempts to squirm out of Joshua’s control and finds himself powerless due to his injuries, a meaningless and futile attempt. Even in his best physical condition, he would be manhandled by Joshua,and since there was no point in resisting further, Michael let himself go and went with it. Joshua, recognizing this submission, reveals and raises the second Live-Link into the air before coming downward and forcing it into Michael’s Bio-Port causing Michael to howl in agony.
“Just a moment now”
Joshua reaches towards the base of the Live-Link in Michael’s head and turns it on. What results is more of a feeling and less of an image. Billions of users now comprised the sum of his consciousnesses. It was both isolating and divine, unifying and alienating, warm and cold, it was algodonic and nothing less than, and that’s when Joshua began. Joshua pressed his face onto Michael’s abdomen and began to bite and rip at his flesh. Being present but lost in a sea of consciousness, Michael could feel what was happening to him as Joshua feasted on his fat, flesh and entrails. Allowing his body to go limp, his head rolled over and his eyes focused on the photograph. Not on the faces of the people in it, but instead on the small gold octagonal medallion attached to the collar of the little dog's neck.
“You couldn’t... you couldn’t possibly be, how revolting, how could this... is that why you're doing this.... you don’t want to control the world for gain, oh my god you never did. You just wanted control long enough to watch it devour itself...”
Joshua looks up at Michael, his face dripping with blood, shredded meat stuck in his teeth
“Michael… Say god backwards...”
Joshua laughs maniacally before burying his head back into Michael’s gut. Michael having realized the abject horror of his reality leans his head back again and starts to cry. Using what is left inside of himself, Michael stares at the window a few feet away from him. The world below them was now ending, nobody could come back from the carnage that was unfolding 100s of feet below them.
 The view was brilliant and dazzling, so high up that you could not detect the presence of a civilization beneath you, as effortless as it was enduring, both calm and powerful, serene and somehow resplendent, it was also ominous and terrifying... 
The End.
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2021.11.30 02:56 Andymex_17 Questions regarding Technical Consultant hiring process

Hi all,
I’m applying to be a Technical Consultant but I’m not that great at interviewing. Has anyone gone through the process? If so, how was the interviewing process and the assessment?
Thank you
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2021.11.30 02:56 danbussell FREE $25 BTC 🤑Join Nexo Before 31st December 🤑Click For Details!

New user instructions: Step 1: Sign up with my referral link https://nexo.io/ref/jh5zqsnxmd?src=web-link
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Follows all the regulations in each of the jurisdictions they offer service in. ( Supports new assets over time, the last few being Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX) and Polygon (MATIC).
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2021.11.30 02:56 jookco Charlie Keigher Death - Dead - Obituary News : RT @KingOfTheSlums1: It's with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of Charlie Keigher on the Click link to read full story.

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2021.11.30 02:56 MaakuKiyoshi Onodera Haru by Kitano_Ichino

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2021.11.30 02:56 totoropengyou Live, Laugh, Love? Nah. In Kiwi's house, we Eat, Sleep, Destroy.

Live, Laugh, Love? Nah. In Kiwi's house, we Eat, Sleep, Destroy. submitted by totoropengyou to hamsters [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:56 d00fdank Need help with identifying this? Found it while walking

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2021.11.30 02:56 latenel Someone is very comfortable.

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2021.11.30 02:56 V_is_for_Valentine Pictures from the last couple of weeks.

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2021.11.30 02:56 Morecoresandcheaper Ironman not working for new DLC

I recently bought the new DLC and for some reason achievements won't work now. I have verified the game files and made sure all of the ironman requirements are met; but for some reason it keeps telling me that I have a modified save game. Any idea as to why this is?
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2021.11.30 02:56 Drakeeeeey Alguien que haga rol?

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2021.11.30 02:56 Have_Emphasis4316 Welcome Gift Cup

So I just finished cup 5 on Tokyo and just waiting for my rewards. The cup was extremely fun ngl and I started joining the cup 2hrs before it expires. I got a bunch of rewards just pullin' in. I used the Bolide and it was rlly fun to drive even tho I crashed a lot! XD!!!! What was your experience with the other welcome cups? I had a good time racing with some of u guys!
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2021.11.30 02:56 NimuelUsesReddit Asexual rights matter, let's keep it going :3

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2021.11.30 02:56 RalfKappe Flame Token XFL | It's still early to get in!

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2021.11.30 02:56 Cantthinkofname1245 What's the worst country to live in?

These 6 come to mind for me.
North Korea is a giant gulag that is posing as a country
Afghanistan is never not at war, both domestically and with other countries' involvement, and now they're being ran by an active terrorist group
Somalia has been in a civil war for 30 years and has the lowest HDI in the world
Syria has been in a civil war for 10 years and has had one of the largest refugee crisis' since the Vietnamese boat people in the late 70s/early 80s
Libya has also been in a lengthy civil war and is the only country to have an HDI score lower than it was 30 years ago
Venezuela went from being the wealthiest country in Latin America to the poorest country in LATAM within one generation (they're one of few countries where living standard has actually been decreasing in recent times)
View Poll
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2021.11.30 02:56 imperial07 RCS chat features stuck on trying to verify number

Earlier today I tried to send a message to my wife and noticed it wasn't going through. Looked at my chat features and saw it said it was connecting.
Read up on the issue and saw the fix of putting the phone in airplane mode, stopping the carrier service and messages app, deleting the data and turning off airplane mode.
Now my phone is stuck trying to verify my phone number. I've even tried a factory reset on my phone and still no good.
Any ideas?
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2021.11.30 02:56 light-uno Vi / Idea users here? Help me SMS settings

Hi, I am using Vi (Idea previously) and I changed my SMS center settings for some reason and now I am not able to send SMS. Can you please check your existing settings and help me out.
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2021.11.30 02:56 Jumaolou Winter event is around the corner, and its about time we get another 700c native MS. If we really do get one, what do you guys think it will be?

I wanna know your guesses and opinions on this one so I could anticipate on it too lol. My thoughts are, after the complete ZZ overhaul, it makes me think imho that its either FA ZZ Gundam as support or Enhanced ZZ Gundam as raid. The FA ZZ with 2 charged high beam attacks has a skill that nullify beam damage for 3seconds but is unable to transform and Enhanced ZZ has high mobility due to its added and upgraded thrusters (source:gundamwiki). I have no idea for a general unit though. So what do you guys think the next 700c MS will be?
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2021.11.30 02:56 nobodysgeese [PI] You somehow have found yourself immersed in the oddly bloody and brutal world of competitive vegetable growing, and while you could just stop doing this at any moment you need to prove you can grow a bigger cabbage than Green Thumb Joe even if it costs you your life

Link to the original prompt by PotentialSmell
There's no business like grow business, the dirtiest business I know—Farmer-Adept Pete's song, immediately before his death committing Grand Theft Wheelbarrow.
Strict rules governed all of the Gardening Association's competitions. Rules about comportment, sportsmanship, and fair play. Those rules might have even been enforced at one point.
Which is how I found myself hiding in the rafters of Green Thumb Joe's main warehouse and gardening center, hoping the guard dogs patrolling below didn't scent me. One seemed to pause for moment, and my breath stopped. I prayed desperately to Gaia, and a web of my goddess' power surrounded me, concealing me. Soon enough the dogs moved on, and I resumed my task.
Joe's main 'barn' was a sprawling, ten-acre edifice. It had been in the Green Thumb family for generations. Add-ons, additions, and renovations from several different centuries clashed, with no discernible order to the chaos. Huge hydroponic beds gurgled under specialized lights, next to a plot of land still being tilled by a team of oxen, growing crops from the nearby genetics laboratory nestled into a corner of a green mage's workroom.
But my goal lay right in the center of the complex. The boards were weather-worn and scarred. The roof peaked in an arrogant point, proclaiming the glory of the Green Thumb name to all who watched. The four sides glistened with a new coat of red coat. The original barn of the Green Thumbs, from when the family had been nothing but normal farmers working their sad plot of dirt.
Gaia willing, they would be returned to that state again. The barn was completely covered by the warehouse, and I made the five foot drop from the rafters to the barn roof. I froze, but no one seemed to hear me. I slunk to the point of the straw-thatched roof and swung in through the hayloft.
The loft was totally empty, and from the dust no one had been up here in years. The Green Thumbs had better places to store feed these days, but they still used the floor of the barn for their most important projects. Creeping to the railing, I could see my target given pride of place in the center of the barn. The cabbage was the only plant in the patch of dirt, and two acolytes stared at it, ready to work the instant anything went wrong, be it a bug or a weed. The cabbage was green and spherical and glossy and massive and beautiful.
I wasn't sure how long I stood staring before I managed to shake off my wonder. I was a good gardener, a very good one according to my peers, but I knew my limits. I couldn't grow a cabbage that perfect, not without the resources of one of the great gardening families.
Which is why I was cheating in the first place.
I drew my air gun from its holster, then cradled a single silver BB in the palm of my free hand. "Gaia," I half-whispered, half-mouthed, "Please curse this shot. As you bless all my crops, please curse those this strikes." A surge of power told me she'd listened, and I breathed a prayer of thanks, promising again to dedicate my victory in the competition to her.
With the acolytes observing, I had to be careful. I braced myself, inhaled, let out half the breath, then took the shot. The BB struck the garden plot right where the dirt met the cabbage. I waited, nerves humming with tension, but neither of the watchers noticed anything amiss. Finally, I let a smile cross my face as I began the long process of extracting myself from gardening center. Hidden just slightly underground, touching the roots, they'd never figure out why their precious cabbage was wilting, not until it was too late.
This time, I would win.
I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of screams. I stumbled out of my bedroom, pulling my clothes on as I went. I was still trying to tighten my belt when I walked out the front of the farmhouse into chaos. Black-clad figures were engaged in skirmishing with my security forces in the corn patch. A troll had smashed my largest building, and was currently throwing tractors around as easily and carelessly as a child with snowballs, wreaking indiscriminate havoc. But only one thing was on my mind, and I ran towards my private barn, ignoring the mayhem around me.
Two of the intruders were swinging at the door with axes, and I sprinted yet faster. "Hey! Stop!" I wasn't sure how I'd fight two armed men, but with my sanctuary threatened, I was going to give it my best.
They only worked faster, chopping the door off its hinges a few seconds before I reached them and dashing inside. I passed between the bodies of the guards who had been protecting the building, pausing only long enough to take one of their swords.
Inside, my neatness had worked against me. The barn had no internal walls, and each of the plots of dirt had a large sign helpfully proclaiming the crop growing there. And the assailants were almost at the cabbages, so helpfully marked for them.
In desperation, I hit the light switch and the barn descended into darkness. I was willing to bet that I could navigate my own barn blind far, far better than these intruders.
"Greg, I can't see," a voice called.
"Never mind, just focus on the mission. Use your memory. Ten paces forward, then grope around for them," came the reply.
I used the noise to orient my myself and crept towards them.
"Broccoli here. More forward."
"Cauliflower by the feel of it. Back a row."
"Round and leafy, this must be- gurk." I stabbed the man the moment I was near enough. I was careful to ensure that the body did not land on my plants.
"Greg? Greg? Oh hell, oh hell, oh hell." The other man was panicking. Good.
Thwock. Thwock. Thwock. Thwock. Thwock. A wet, yet sharp, noise arose, and I stumbled in my haste to finish off the other man, fearing what it might mean.
Thwock. Thwock. Thwock. Thwock. Thwock.
But by the sound of it, he was on the opposite side of the garden bed, and I couldn't bring myself to step on the near-sacred dirt, forcing myself to circle around.
Thwock. Thwock. Thwock. Thwock. Thwo-urrrrgggghhhhh.
Again, I made sure that the body landed on a pathway, not the garden.
By the sound of things, my guards were winning outside. Which made sense, the whole attack had been nothing but a diversion to let these two planticidal maniacs take a shot at my cabbages. After some fumbling back to the entrance in the dark, I flipped the light switch on and gasped.
I ran to the cabbage patch and fell to my knees beside them. Sixteen beautiful orbs, grown in two rows of eight. Fifteen of them split in two, one still with the ax in the split. Some small comfort came to me when I saw that a single one had survived, but I allowed myself a moment of grief.
"My... cabbages," I said, and wept.
The bodies bore the dreaded tattoo of the Green Thumb. Of course I couldn't let this go unanswered, and I snuck into their warehouses again to spread weed seeds about, everywhere I could.
The next day, my remaining cabbage was kidnapped.
Some dragons owed me a favor over an emergency cilantro incident, and I decided this was at last the time to call that in. And so the next day, the Green Thumb Greenhouses were a smouldering ruin.
I'm still not sure how they stole a silo in retaliation.
But I am proud of the Leek Leak I managed to avenge myself.
The blight that followed proved they were higher in Demeter's favor than I had thought.
By the time the month had ended and the competition day was here, both of our properties were in ruins, and I met my opponent Green Thumb Joe face to face for the first time in the market square for the judgement. He had a farmer's face to him, with farmer's hands and farmer's clothes. The nobility always did marry for looks first and brains second, I thought, as I forced myself to smile and shake his hand.
The judging was... rough. I was forced to present a no better than decent cabbage. Sure, it was round, and large enough, but it was nothing truly special. It was something of a small comfort that Joe's was nearly identical. I'd gone against one of the great growers, and I'd held my own. No matter which of us won, I had nothing to be ashamed of this year.
It was a longer deliberation than usual, and the crowd of onlookers had swelled to twice the size by the time the judges stepped forth. The head judge cleared his throat, and silence fell immediately. "The winner this year, in a split decision, is..."
Fantasies of throttling the answer out of him flitted through my mind as he drew out the moment. Me or Joe? Me or Joe? Me or Joe?!
I raised my fist to cheer when it wasn't Joe's name, then the word sank in. Timothy? I thought.
"Timothy?!" Joe screamed. "Who- What- How-"
Some whippersnapper in the crowd shouted, "Yes! Yes, I won! Sweet victory!"
I watched the award ceremony in a daze. While Joe and I have been sniping at each other, some nobody had come in and stolen victory from under both our noses.
When the crowds started going home, Joe and I were left standing there. I'd imagined this moment. If I'd won, I had a speech prepared, about how the big growers were getting lazy and a new generation was moving up. If I'd lost, I'd practiced keeping a blank expression to put up with Joe's remarks. But this was outside any of my expectations.
After a time, Joe turned as if he were going to speak to me, but eventually wandered off without a word. I understood his confusion. At least I'd learned an important lesson. With all my focus on undermining the competition, someone who'd just worked hard and played fair had come out the ultimate winner.
Slowly, unconsciously, my feet started carrying me back to what was left of my farm, and the old song came to me. "There's no business like grow business, the dirtiest business I know."
Next year, I'd make sure to undermine Timothy too.
More of my stories at NobodysGaggle
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I prefer the english dub but sometimes I miss some things because it’s not my first language
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2021.11.30 02:56 Mitch1495 Should I take profit on an ETF I bought in 2019?

I bought quite a few shares of VGT in 2019 at a cost of 224. They are now trading at 452. Do I take the chance that there’s a crash and I’m able to buy back in lower? My cost basis would still probably be higher than 224 which makes me hesitant, or do I hold and forget with the hope it will continue to provide a 35% annual return. I just don’t see how much higher this thing can go and I certainly wouldn’t buy more shares at its current levels
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