Looking to trade and trade back my Pokémon needed to be traded for evolution, e.g. Graveler, Haunter, Kadabra

2021.11.30 02:35 KrakenSteeze Looking to trade and trade back my Pokémon needed to be traded for evolution, e.g. Graveler, Haunter, Kadabra

Anyone else in the same boat that would like to trade? Or a friendly soul? Don’t have many switch friends.
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2021.11.30 02:35 VintageCalorie67 Younger 19M online voice call sex/talking. DISCORD. OLDER Doms of all types welcome

Hey everyone. Looking for furm but fair dims to vc chat and basically phone sex with. You can be as old or middke aged as you want. I'm rather loose in that regard. Can be very submissive myself, have a smaller cock and a slightly effeminate voice myself. Hit me up on DISCORD. VintageCalorie67#6978
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2021.11.30 02:35 DanOfThursday [Summon] [Xbox] [Lv145] any part main game

I'm up to do pretty much anything outside of dlc
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2021.11.30 02:35 Fast_Needleworker636 It’s time to pack our bags and leave boys

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2021.11.30 02:35 The_scepter24 This team is so goddamn OP, one of my favourites so far, 8/12 gods beaten.

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2021.11.30 02:35 zombiemuss106 What is your favorite band and why is it Streetlight Manifesto?

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2021.11.30 02:35 Sissyslave106 Why does everyone start laughing?

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2021.11.30 02:35 RandomCollection Young Workers Aren’t Gonna Take It Anymore | Millennials were reporting burnout before the pandemic, but Gen Z has joined the chorus as Covid-19 rages on.

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2021.11.30 02:35 IrisTheTranny How Bojack helped me stop craving closure

“Closure is a made up thing by Steven Spielberg to sell movie tickets. It, like true love and the Munich Olympics, doesn't exist in the real world. The only thing to do now is just to keep living forward.”
- Bojack Horseman
I started watching this show a long while ago, but only finished it just a bit ago.
I knew from the first 2 seasons that it was going to be something special, but I didn't realize just how much it would leave me to think about.
And now that I've watched it all the way through, and am watching again for the second time right now, I can say that I feel better.
Not a whole lot better, and who knows how long it'll last, but, for now, better.
I don't know if anyone will read this, and it'll probably be a bit rambley but I'm just trying to compile my thoughts.

I have done a lot of stuff I wish I could take back, I think more so than most.
A lot of shit I wish I had avoided, and a lot of shit I wish I hadn't done.
I've been in intensive therapy for years, for two of them I was in and out of facilities more often than I was out of them, and make no mistake they've definitely helped.
But over and over again one thing constantly eluded me, closure.
I got to see many different people attempt to instill closure in me, and never can it even work.
And overtime as I tried to get better I just ended up doing even more shit I regretted, just an ever expanding pile of loose ends I know for a fact I can never tie.

But now that I've seen this show, idk, I just don't mind those loose ends.
Of the themes of Bojack, I connected with a ton, but none seem to be impacting me more now than the theme of lack of closure.
I put that quote from Bojack at the begging about closure being made up. Now, I'm just as aware as anyone else that, despite being the protagonist, he is quite often not the person to go to for wisdom fueled quotes.
But that's not just another random line he tossed out to try to make himself feel better, not with everything else in the show.
The most obvious starting point to explore it would definitely be Herb.
Specifically Season 1 Episode 8: The Telescope
The episode where Bojack tries to make amends with herb after fucking him over and never calling him for years.
To me the beauty of the scene is that I fully sympathize, relate to and support both Bojack and Herb in this scene.
As an LGBT person, Herb's plight struck a chord with me.
I know what it's like when people turn their backs on you, and I know in those moments, there's nothing more that you want than someone to stay by your side.
At least one fucking person to just make you feel like as hated as you may be, you have someone that will still support you.
And the fact that Bojack didn't do that, the fact that he never called herb after everything he did for him, it's not something you can just forgive.
Meanwhile I also related to Bojack in this scene. As fucked up as he may be, and as much as he fucked up his apology, at the end of the day he went over there to apologize.
The flashback scene where Angela Diaz convinces Bojack not to threaten to walk out is so perfect in how fast and cruel it is.
There's a sense of immediate loss of control the moment she and Bojack get in a room together. And while that doesn't justify him never calling Herb later or even necessarily justify going back on his promise to help Herb to begin with. It's just, understandable.
Putting myself in his shoes, I don't know how I would have responded to that.
I could say that even that was selfish in a way, as it's shown that he is trying to get closure by apologizing, but, I don't blame him for that.
He said himself that everything he learned about being good was from watching TV, he is trying to get the ending to the arc that everyone promised would happen, but it doesn't, that's not how the real world works.
Really, he's in a box. There's nothing he can do, it's already so wrong he can't go back.
You don't give forgiveness out, it has to be earned, and by that point, it was too late.
I remember when I was in a group therapy session at a mental hospital, and I heard the worst advice any professional ever gave me, advice on how to "forgive your abusers", and as it turns out I am not the only person who has been told that shit by therapists.
They wanted us to, for no reason, without any actions or words from said abusers, regardless of context, forgive people who did terrible things.
Now why in the flying fucking hell would I do that. What could I possibly stand to gain.
And mind you this was directed at a room of trauma victims, people whose abusers have done far far worse things than could ever be reasonably forgiven.
And to me that seems like just an EXTREMELY desperate attempt to get closure.
It's as if they're willing to sacrifice logic, sanity, and morality just to get a sniff of that ever coveted closure.
They treat closure like it's more important than anything, as if they're trying to write the end of a stupid fucking TV show.
And in this scene Herb says no
I will not forgive you, you didn't earn this, you will never get closure, you fucked me over and now I'm going to die.
I also noted before bojack fully apologized, Herb didn't bring up any of the forgiveness shit, and by the end they basically seem to be on good terms before he goes back to apologize.
He told bojack what for, he got his jabbing jokes in, but this idea of forgiveness was never brought up.
He was willing to spend a day with his old friend, but when push came to shove he told him his reality and didn't compromise on it.
I'd like to think that he wanted to spend that day with him, that it's just something he wanted to do, solely for himself knowing full well he could never forgive that man.
I relate to them both, and I doubt I'm the only one.
You have no obligation to give closure to another person who didn't earn it.

But, fittingly, that's only the beginning of the show, and only the beginning of a LONG list of things Bojack can never make right again.
Now, I know a lot has been made of that scene already, but as I began to explore this theme I found I noticed it more and more throughout the series.
As in life, while trying to get better, even more loose ends show up.
Bojack never getting to properly work with or even properly apologize to Kelsey Jannings, debatably the only person who ever believed in Bojack sheerly due to his artistic merit is another perfect example.
In ANY OTHER SHOW they would have made a movie together, and there'd be a nice wholesome message about artistic integrity or whatever the fuck.
But no, it never happens, they never make a movie, that itch that we have when watching media about artists to have the good genuine art win is looked dead in the eye and told to fuck off.
And even though people end up liking Secretariat, everything about it is portrayed as entirely phony and inauthentic.
His dream movie turned into just another Hollywood bullshit fest, with him removed from it in every way that matters.
Gina who can also never forgive him, attempting to live her life pretending what he did to her never happened.

One moment that was just beautiful to me, was when Todd was leaving Bojack's house to join the giggleship, after questioning whether or not the two of them had "had some good times", Bojack turns around to say one more thing.
He says "Hey Todd" but he'd already left.
He didn't get to say his final piece, whatever it was going to be at that time we don't know.
And if it wasn't for the conversation Bojack had when he first met Ana, the one that made him realize that Todd was a true friend and causes him to take his boat and save him.
That would have been the last thing he ever said to Todd.
I know it's a crazy show where odd things happen all the time, but the fact that Todd was almost lost to a cult would have put him in a position where he might have been entirely lost and unfindable, a situation he probably wouldn't have been in if Bojack had been a decent friend, only undone by a spur of the moment decision really plays to the arbitrary nature of what we do and do not get to get closure on.
Had any number of things gone slightly different Todd would have been faced with the same fate as Herb. A friend who Bojack fucked over only to never hear from him again until it was far too late.
And even though they ended up ending their friendship, I find it rings so true that if things had worked out just a bit differently Bojack wouldn't even have been able to say those final sentences.
I'm not trying to avoid the fact that all of it was still Bojack's fault, nothing can make it not Bojack's fault, his mistakes are his own.
But I keep thinking about how, though he has some control over the damage he does to people, he has no control over the closure he gets.
None of us do.

You never know when the person you wronged is going to get hit by a peanut truck you know.
Closure is such a fickle and unreliable thing, and though I zoomed in on that random moment, really the whole show demonstrates the unreliability of closure.

I get these intrusive thoughts a lot, some are extremely gross and bizarre, and some are just my brain telling me how much I should hate myself.
But the most common of them all, for the longest time the one that hit the most often, was my brain meticulously counting every stupid thing I never got closure on.

And, I'm gonna be honest; If this show had a happy ending, If it concluded with that familiar sense of closure that we're so accustomed to in TV and movies, I would probably hate it more than any show I've hated in my entire life.
But they didn't let me down.
At the end of the show Bojack is still a broken man.
Another in a never ending list of subtle touches I adore is the fact that, in the final episode, even though he's out and about, he's still serving out his sentence, set to go back the very next day.
They could have ended with "He's out of prison and ready to start a new life."
But they didn't, they ended with what's effectively just another day in his life, he's not even at a starting point yet in the end, no closure, nothing.
and I love that.
I love that I don't get to know what happens next.

But, of every scene involving a lack of closure that I came to embrace, out of them all.
None resonated with me more than the ending of Season 4 episode 10
I'm not sure if everyone noticed how this plays into closure, but, it means a lot to me.
Earlier in the season Bojack says he wants his mother to recognize him for just one moment so he can tell her "Fuck you"
That "Fuck You", that ultimate demonstration of how much he hates this woman, the woman who molded him into the fucked up person he is now.
That "Fuck you" might just be the most seemingly valuable closure he could get.
The last of his parents, the start of his problems, the root cause, having just ruined another thing in his life might be the most common and understandable thing that people try to get closure on.
And honestly, I didn't know how I was going to feel if he had said it.
I already told you my beliefs about forgiving people who don't deserve it, who didn't work to be forgiven.
And the abusive parent who never said a single kind word to him in his entire life and definitely qualifies.
But Bojack recognizes that, the dementia ridden woman before him is not the Beatrice who harmed him.
That's why he's not content with just screaming at her in her current state, it wouldn't mean anything.
And the entire season we see her in this state, this state where nothing he does has any meaning relative to this sense of closure.
Until that final moment in that episode.
He's locked her away in the shittiest place he could find, starts walking away, and she recognizes him.
Could you imagine if he said "Fuck you, now rot in here for your entire life you piece of shit."
Maybe I'm just fucked, but that sounds like closure to me.
And, though recognizing Bojack isn't tantamount to becoming the woman who abused him long ago, if he had said that to her, I wouldn't blame him, I couldn't possibly blame him.
But, he doesn't do it.
He turns around, and he tries his best to make her happy for just that moment.
In this scene Bojack, whether he knew it or not, chose to make a decision.
He was given two options
Get the closure you so desperately desire
Or give this confused dementia patient one moment of comfort.

You don't need closure to change
You don't need closure to be a better person
You don't need closure to fix yourself
You don't need closure at all.

It's not true that you shouldn't look back at the past, but is true that you need to keep moving, if we spend our lives trying to get closure that will get us nothing, the only looking back we should be doing is to learn and to change.
The kinda change that Bojack has struggled to do his entire life, the kinda change he started to achieve in the last season, the kinda change that got Diane on meds, the kind of change that might actually fucking work.
It's not easy, it's among the hardest things in the fucking world, but goddamn it it's the real solution.
Change, not closure.

Whenever any character talks about the merit of horsin around. They always talk about how comforting it is to know that everything will be okay by the end.
Every episode there's closure.
And while we see how the show respects and celebrates that decision, viewing it as a thing that seemed to genuinely make people happier if even for just a moment.
We also see how Bojack obsessively watches it over and over again, losing himself in the escapism.
Just trying to find any comfort he can in a sense of closure that he never seems to be able to get in real life.
Sure it ain't harmful like the drugs or alcohol, but it's just another distraction, perhaps a worthwhile distraction, but, a distraction.
But, for whatever amount it's worth, I don't think this show was just another distraction.
Not for me.
It did what horsin around and every actual TV show in real life wasn't willing to do.
It told me a story where closure wasn't an option.
It didn't pull any punches, it made me uncomfortable, it made me cry, and ultimately it gave me just a little bit more hope.

I still get those intrusive thoughts, but it's been a while now, and so far, none of them have been about closure. Not a single fucking one.
Thank you.
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2021.11.30 02:35 NeduZone Testimonial slider using bootstrap

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2021.11.30 02:35 saucemeisters Minted NFT through MM via my ledger (legacy) see all my NFTs on opensea except one

I just purchased my first NFTs with ETH that has been sitting on my ledger. I purchased 3 different NFTs that showed up right away on my Opensea profile. The last one i did, i see it was a success but it's nowhere to be found. I tried connecting my ledger to my MM mobile but i don't see the ledger account come up, only another account within it (so i can't manually add the nft token) Any advice?
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2021.11.30 02:35 Tschudy Finally built the Origin Char's Zaku and despite the fact that they're both HG, it is a HELLUVA lot nicer than the OG red comet. Still gotta do the decals when i have more time.

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2021.11.30 02:35 throwawaymangomon I have an idea for everyone unemployed in this sub - let’s create a non profit IT support company

Who’s down to build an IT support company where we try to take on projects and help companies with certain IT needs like hospitals and animal hospitals.
Our team would consist of people searching for jobs still and could use this project as experience on their resume.
It’s a rough idea and perhaps I’m just high but I think it would be awesome if it was a thing
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2021.11.30 02:35 GeorgeYDesign 'Extremely irresponsible': International students lash out after long-awaited travel plans cancelled again

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2021.11.30 02:35 bpatches701 ITAP a very strange sky

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2021.11.30 02:35 glasstumble16 Survivors guilt

My survivors guilt is mirroring that of Kendrick Lemar let me explain.
I have a chronic illness. And I started to Google the illness this year I made it to 5 years and most people who have this illness don't. Bam survivors guilt.
I then joined a forum for my illness and was lamenting the fact that I don't have a job. But people said no it's good because doing work/life balance is a nightmare with this especially if you are in the experimental phase of treatment and this may cause mental health issues (proceeds to tell me stories of such). Now I feel guilty about the fact that I get to "solve" my problems and most people don't.
Now here's where the Kendrick Lemar thing comes in. Yesterday I was thinking about the fact that I'm a really privileged person I'm a 3rd world country. Bam more survivors guilt. This is exactly the same as what Kendrick has because he has been open about why he feels guilty over the fact that he got out of poverty and his friends didn't.
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2021.11.30 02:35 andytheg Today is your last day living in Phoenix - what do you eat?

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you’re leaving town for good tomorrow and have all of today to eat wherever you’d like. What are you eating?
If I had to pick one thing it’s going to be the Pizzeria Bianco Sonny Boy
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2021.11.30 02:35 GeorgeYDesign Prominent Australians call for WA government to pull 'unacceptable' Aboriginal heritage bill

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2021.11.30 02:35 TheKraftyBeaver Just took my first dose 2 hours ago after FINALLY talking to someone and suffering with panic attacks for 20 years. I’m excited to say the least to feel like me again.

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2021.11.30 02:35 ShiniJenkins Follow this guy for important news! NEW NEWS!

John Junyszek (@Unyshek) / Twitter
There are updates to XP coming! One less complaint down! YAS! They ARE LISTENING!
No real answer to the cheating, except a mention of anticheat and "we are committed to releasing consistent improvements to our games systems, and taking action on bad actors". He is correct in saying in F2P games, cheaters are expected. Name me a game that doesnt have cheating issues as a F2P game.
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2021.11.30 02:35 Neat-Pay2677 Can I get some karma i will return the favor

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2021.11.30 02:35 GeorgeYDesign Defence allowed to vet evidence presented to inquiry into bushfire accidentally sparked by its own helicopter

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